Genre: Drama

About: The moving pciture Fraulein was first seen in the year 2006. Soap2day provided links that you can view and you can add subtitles of your choice to every one of them.

Plot: Ruza left Belgrade for Switzerland as a young woman full of hope for a new, better life. 25 years later she appears to have achieved everything: She owns a canteen in Zurich, which she manages with a firm grip and financial success. Ruza values her meticulously-structured daily routine, both in her professional and private life. Ruzas's orderly world shifts when 22-year-old Ana from Sarajevo enters the scene. She feels threatened by Ana's direct, impulsive manner while at the same time she is intrigued by her zest for life. Slowly a friendship develops between these two self-willed women. However, a certain distance between them remains: Ruza's afraid to open herself up completely, and Ana has a secret too difficult to reveal. Read More