Genre: Documentary , Biography

About: The moving pciture Sweetie was first seen in the year 2023. Soap2day provided links that you can view and you can add subtitles of your choice to every one of them.

Plot: ‘Theatre is my life,’ Yıldız Kenter admits in her biography written by Dikmen Gürün. This is the story of a star, who has dedicated her whole life to her theatre company, students, the stage. Recounting the prizes received as well as the prices paid for pursuing your passion, Sweetie is a testimony to the transforming cultural landscape of the country as it tells Kenter Theatre’s story and thus how a private theatre has managed to survive. Including interviews by family members, students, fellow actors, as well as rare archival images and footage, Sweetie is an homage to the ‘North Star of Turkish theatre.’ The documentary was written by Zeynep Miraç, scored by Murat Evgin, and features Dikmen Gürün as advisor. Read More