The (Silent) War


Genre: Action , Drama

About: The moving pciture The (Silent) War was first seen in the year 2019. Soap2day provided links that you can view and you can add subtitles of your choice to every one of them.

Plot: October, 1944. In a Spain of poverty, hunger, hate and blood after General Franco won the Spanish Civil War five years ago, the rebel revolutionaries against Franquist's dictatorship, "maquis", plot a coup d'etat to free the country with a couple of hundred maquis exiled in France. Sending a commando to blow away a bridge as part of the mission, it turns wrong when the explosives malfunction and detonate before of the time, destroying only a part of the bridge and killing almost all the commando but three. When the military appear alerted by the explosion, they kill in the bridge to one of survivors and capture a second, Vicente Roig, which leg was imprisoned under a great rock. The third survivor results to be Anselmo Rojas, who deaf after the explosion that burst his eardrums starts the escape from the military squad lead by determined and strict Capitán Bosch. Hiding in the forest close to his natal town, Anselmo asks help Rosa, Vicente's wife, while this one is questioned by Bosch to locate Anselmo. But the situation worsens when Coronel Cortés sends to the town Darya Sergéevich Volkov, a cruel and merciless Russian Bolshevik and lethal sniper to find and kill Anselmo. Pretending to continue her daily life as if nothing bad happens, Rosa tries to save his daughter Carmen from the soldiers with the secret implication of shopkeeper Josefa, while Darya uses her particular ways to fulfill the mission. Unable to hear and each time more alone, Anselmo will try survive and kill his enemies in the belief that the coup d'etat is possible and the maquis still can win, in a path of horror where no one will be safe and any decisión just will cause more bloodshed. Read More