The Well Digger's Daughter


Genre: Drama , Romance

About: The moving pciture The Well Digger's Daughter was first seen in the year 2011. Soap2day provided links that you can view and you can add subtitles of your choice to every one of them.

Plot: Provence, the days before World War I. Rustic well-digger Pascal Amoretti, a widower, encourages fellow laborer FĂ©lipe Rambert to date his virgin eldest daughter Patricia, the only of his five who attended a Paris finishing school. Getting drunk, Felipe unwittingly helps her date wealthy general store owner Mazel's handsome, womanizing son, dashing air force pilot Jacques, who gives her a motorbike ride home, make love and get her pregnant. Shortly after, both men are called for military service. On leave, Felipe finds out the truth and still proposes. Jacques is reported missing in action, his family refuses to recognize the baby, so Pascal sends Patricia with it to his outcast sister. Read More