Episode guide:
E39: Pizza Oven Repair, What Is It?
E38: Pond Maintenance, Demilune Table
E37: Deck Chairs, Damp Basement
E36: Track Saws, Adding A Receptacle
E35: Crown Molding for Corner Angles, The Future of Solar
E34: Moving a Ceiling Light Fixture, Tool Lab- Finish Nailers
E33: Celebrating Fathers as Mentors
E32: Basic Electrical Tools; Home Energy Assessment
E31: All About Succulents, Under-Sink Water Filter
E30: Replacing a Toilet Seat, Full Mortise Lockset Repair
E29: All About Hydrangeas, Refinish Deck Railing
E28: Garage Door Replacement, Emergency Plumbing Fixes
E27: DIY Birdbath, Dog Chew Wood Repair
E26: Vinyl Fence, Building A Beehive
E25: Wobbly Toilet, Led Lightbulbs
E24: Sagging Fence Gate, Shipping Container Pool
E23: Window Flower Boxes, Smart Electrical Panels
E22: Fireplace Repairs, Simple Clog Fixes
E21: Front Hall Closet, Block Retaining Wall
E20: Concrete Driveway, Spray Paint
E19: Shrub Harvesting, Building A Box Joint Jig
E18: Porch Base Column Repair, Smart Thermostats
E17: Stone Water Fountain, Supply Chain Shortages
E16: Replace Vinyl Floor, Heating Bill Savings
E15: Celebrating 20 Years
E14: Patch Plaster, Sinking Drywell
E13: Rot Repair, Heat Pumps
E12: Wifi Extension, Tub Drain
E11: Holiday Projects
E10: Camilla's Workshop
E09: Drill Drivers, Patios Expansion
E08: An AskTOH Barn Raising
E07: Fall Garden Tips, Paint Cabinets
E06: Easier Plumbing, Roofing 101
E05: Smart Doorbells, Recessed Lights
E04: Wood Floors, DIY Ice Rink
E03: Hole Patches; Threshold Repair
E02: Durable Landscape; Cutting Board
E01: Two-Prong Outlet; Deck Stair Rail
E26: All About Kitchen Renovations; Chef Michael Symon
E25: Replacing Fluorescent Under Cabinet Lights; Working with Concrete
E24: Accessible Home; Modifying a Bathroom and Dangerous Staircase
E23: Building a Simple Table; Getting Rid of Tree Stumps
E22: Celebrating 300 Episodes
E21: Baseboard Hole-Patching; Maintaining a Lawn Mower
E20: Planting a Low-Cost Privacy Screen; Sealing Ductwork
E19: Plants from Seed; Outdoor Hose Spigot; Movable Kitchen Island
E18: Quieting a Squealing Shower; A DIY-Friendly Security System
E17: High Tunnel Greenhouse; Converting Recessed Lights Into Pendants
E16: Clawfoot Tub with Shower; Installing a Permanent Fire Escape
E15: Fitting a Mattress up a Staircase; Repairing a Light-Switch in Seattle
E14: Rotted Porch Post; Dealing with High Indoor Humidity
E13: Waffle Gardening in Santa Fe; Mechanical Dampers for Air Heating
E12: House Humidifier in North Carolina; Hardwired Smoke Detector
E11: Crown Molding in Seattle; Replacing a Rotted Fence Post
E10: Irrigation System; Installing a Heat-Pump Water Heater
E09: Uses for a Router; Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit
E08: Preparing for Severe Weather
E07: Planting a Maple Tree; Working on an Underground Bathroom
E06: Leaky Skylight; Repairing a Noisy Toilet
E05: Shade Sail Over a Deck in Santa Fe; Hybrid Water Heater
E04: Pre-Hung Front Door; Big Containers for Screening and Shading
E03: Hands-Free Kitchen Faucet; Channel Drain to Divert Rainwater
E02: Building a Garden Bed in New Mexico; Repairing a Leaky Toilet
E01: Replacing an Old Door; Hot Water Without Waiting
E26: Refinishing with Spray Paint; Installing a Pre-Finished Wood Floor
E25: Manual Transfer Switch; Fixing a Clogged Sewer Line
E24: Old Window Restoration; Installing a Kitchen Sink Water Filter
E23: Financing Solar Panels; Framing Walls for Basement-Remodeling
E22: Bathroom Floor Tiling; Weatherstripping a Front Door
E21: Garden with Native Species; Replacing a Door with a Window
E20: New Vinyl Trim; Installing a New Dishwasher
E19: Recirculation Pump; Lining a Fireplace Chimney
E18: Upgrading a Neglected Urban Patio; Hanging a Heavy Mirror
E17: Reusing Water From a Washing Machine; Small Gasoline Engines
E16: Staining a Cedar Fence; Installing Window Boxes
E15: Upgrading Electrical Services; Attracting Butterflies to Gardens
E14: Solid Oak Front Door; Driving Rebar into the Ground
E13: Preventing Ice Dams; Applying Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation
E12: Battery Back-Up Sump Pump; Fixing a Rusty Metal Railing
E11: Front Porch Light; Splitting Firewood
E10: Backyard Pizza Oven; Threaded Pipe Connections
E09: Building a Porch Railing; Selecting Stone for Building Walls
E08: Fixing a Kitchen Sink Drain; Quieting Squeaky Hardwood Floors
E07: Repairing a Crack in an Asphalt Walkway; Getting Rid of Mold
E06: Removing Overgrown Shrubs; Quieting a Noisy Baseboard Heater
E05: Wall Insulation; Repointing a Fieldstone Foundation
E04: Pruning an Overgrown Hedge; Installing a Kitchen Tile Backsplash
E03: Corroded Water Heater Fitting; Vented Range Kitchen Hood
E02: Shower Valve Repair; Rebuilding a Wobbly Stair Banister
E01: Transplanting Tress; Hooking Up Plumbing to a Washing Machine
E26: Yard Clean Up; Installing Carpet Tiles
E25: Removing Vinyl; Vintage House Parts; Eliminating Gurgling Sounds
E24: Tool Storage Cabinet; Protecting a House From Flood Damage
E23: Splitting Firewood; Paintbrushes; Connecting a Bar Sink to a Sewer
E22: Antique Door Hardware; Geothermal Home Heating and Cooling
E21: Solar Water Heating; Electrical Safety Devices; Support Posts
E20: Outdoor Outlets; Flower Bulbs; Graceland; Worn-Out Cabinets
E19: Narrow Garden Bed; Workshop in Memphis; Wood-Burning Insert
E18: Painting Interior Walls; Water Heater with a Valve Preventing Floods
E17: Rainwater from Gutters; Pliers; Insulating an Attic Floor
E16: Completing a Backyard Deck; Hidden Deck-Fastening Systems
E15: Lawn Mowing; Building a Backyard Deck
E14: Second Bathroom Sink; Large Crack in a Concrete Block Foundation
E13: Sharpening Chains; Fixing a Leaky Rain Gutter; Fiberglass Bathtub
E12: Forced-Air Furnace and Air Conditioning; Damaged Oak Flooring
E11: Loose Carpeting on a Staircase; Tools for Digging; Recessed Lights
E10: Hot Water Radiant Tubing; Joint Compound on Drywall Corners
E09: Uneven Stone Patio; Repainting a Rusty Bulkhead Door
E08: Energy-Efficient Storm Door; Cutting and Soldering Copper Pipes
E07: Circular Patio and Fire Pit; Repairing Brick Stairs
E06: Choosing Groundcover; Installing Hydronic Baseboard Heaters
E05: Wheelchair Accessible Raised Garden Bed; Fixing a Leaky Roof
E04: Repairing a Rotted Windowsill; Installing an Outdoor Faucet
E03: Attic Storage Space; Repairing a Broken Doorbell
E02: Balusters an a Staircase; Laying a Stone Footpath
E01: Water and Drain Lines for a Sink; Rescuing Improperly Planted Trees
E26: Mini-Split Air Conditioning System; De-Thatching a Lawn
E25: Cutting Ceramic and Stone Tile; Installing a Sump Pump
E24: Replacing a Dishwasher; Sharpening a Chisel; Lawn Spreaders
E23: Replacing an Interior Door; Leaky Kitchen Faucet
E22: Cast-Iron Radiator and Bathtub; Grading; Wobbly Newel Post
E21: Water Heater; Planting Trees to Save Energy; Cellulose Insulation
E20: Granite Driveway Marker; Hot Water Radiator System
E19: Custom Radiator Cover; Installing a Steam Humidifier
E18: Transplanting a White Spruce; Extending a Staircase Handrail
E17: Residential Well Repair; Repairing a Hole in Vinyl Siding
E16: Choosing Hammers; Pressure-Assisted Toilet; Plastered Wall
E15: In-Ground Sprinkler System; Pouring a Concrete Footing
E14: Radon Mitigation System; Pruning an Apple Tree
E13: New Vinyl Floor; What Is It? Preventing Frozen Pipes
E12: Washing Windows; What Is It? Flushing an Electric Water Heater
E11: Snowthrowers; What Is It? Installing A New Exterior Door
E10: Pruning an Overgrown Privet Hedge; New Laundry Sink
E09: Garage Roof Re-Shingling with Asphalt; Fiberglass Shingles
E08: Circular Saw 101; Outdoor PEX Faucet; Cabling an Oak Tree
E07: Moss, Algae and Lichen; Leaky Water Valve; Planting Shade
E06: Raised Garden Bed with Timbers; Clearing a Bathtub Drain
E05: Rose Bushes; Wobbly Toilet; Water Leak; Hydraulic Cement
E04: Flat Tire; Aluminum Rain Gutter; Thermal Expansion Tank
E03: Under-Sink Water Filter; Planting a Drought Resistant Tree
E02: Creaky Stairs; Static Cling Solution; Electric Shut-Off Valve
E01: Mortared Stone Walkway Repair; Patching an Oak Floor
E26: Window Boxes; What Is It? Plumbing Connections
E25: Florescent Light; Landscaping Software; Aluminum Heat Cover
E24: Air Cleaner; Walkway Ice Removal; Bathroom Venting
E23: Clogged Vent Stack; What Is It? Backyard Ice Rink
E22: Riding Lawnmowers; Garbage Disposers; Rotting Threshold
E21: 220-Volt Receptacle; Gardening Hand Tools; Macerating Toilet
E20: Floor Leveling; What Is It? Leaky Water Valve; Air Compressors
E19: Composting; What Is It? Removing a House Trap
E18: Unclogging Drains; Window Weights; Low-Maintenance Garden
E17: Rotted Deck Balusters; What Is It? Connecting an Icemaker
E16: Replicating Moldings; Unlevel Patio; Stripping Wallpaper
E15: Old Storm Window; Shrubs; Carbon Monoxide Detectors
E14: Chicago Door Glass; Glass Expert; Pruning a Pin Oak
E13: Planting a New Lawn; What Is It? Replacing a Kitchen Sink
E12: Cracked Stucco; Cleaning a Lawnmower; Dehumidifier Pumps
E11: Ladder Safety; What Is It? Replacing an Old Retaining Wall
E10: Noisy Toilet; What Is It? Cutting Crown Molding; Broken Tile
E09: Plumbing Valves; Old Bulkhead; Drip Irrigation Repair
E08: Hanging Shelves; Soil Testing; Hot Water Recirculator
E07: Anode Rod Replacement; Water Diverter; Too Much Heat!
E06: Flower Boxes; What Is It? New Lawn with Sod
E05: Screw Extractors; Cobblestone Edging; Rotting Porch Post
E04: Pass-Through Opening; What Is It? Stopping a Running Toilet
E03: Broken Fence; What Is It? Shower Valve; Keyless Chuck
E02: Clogged Trap; Brick Walkway Patterns; Fixing Ceiling Cracks
E01: Edging a Lawn; Selecting Drill Bits; What Is It? Fighting Fire
E26: Door Jamb and Storm Door; What Is It? Garden Tools
E25: Copper Pipe Corrosion; What Is It? Stripping a Drafty Door
E24: Track Light; Drywall Repair Clips; Noisy Baseboard Heaters
E23: Radiant Heat; What Is It? Prep Aluminum Siding for Paint
E22: Curved Molding; Buying Wire Foot; What Is It? Maple Syrup
E21: Steam Radiator; What Is It? Preparing Raised Garden Beds
E20: Programmable Thermostat; What Is It? Plaster and Lath Wall
E19: Cutting Glass; Climbing Vines; What Is It? Portable Aircon
E18: Deterring Deer; PVC Pipe; What Is It? Sagging Shower Door
E17: Snaking Speaker Wire; What Is It? Planting a Tree
E16: Water Quality Testing; What Is It? Damaged Floorboard
E15: Sliding Closet Doors; What Is It? Electric Heat; Paint Colors
E14: Walkway Installation; What Is It? Cutting Accurate Miters
E13: Squeaky Hardwood Floors; What Is It? Building Timber Stairs
E12: Drip Irrigation Repair; What Is It? Leaky Tile Tub
E11: Stairway Handrail; What Is It? Transplanting a Rhododendron
E10: Chimney Liner; What Is It? Toilet Tank Condensation
E09: Poison Ivy Removal; What Is It? Installing a Shingles Corner
E08: Prefinished Engineered Floor; Replacing a Sink Stopper
E07: Groundcover Planting; Opening Stuck Windows
E06: Window Trimming; Utility Boxes; What Is It? Kitchen Faucet
E05: Drywell Installation; What Is It? Getting a Grip
E04: Fixing a Hole; What Is It? 14-Inch Rough-in Toilet
E03: Slate Walkway; What Is It? Shower Stall Leak
E02: Newel Renewal; What Is It? Replacing a Water Heater
E01: Deadbolt Installation; Hedge Trimming; Hot Water Heater

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Ask This Old House (2002)


Genre: Reality-tv , Talk-show

About: The series Ask This Old House were first aired in 2002 and are part of the reality-tv and talk-show genres. Links are up for the available episodes and new ones will be added once they are available online.

Plot: The crew at This Old House take on some pretty big projects, which means they can only work on one or two houses a year. But homeowners have a virtual truckload of questions on smaller projects, and the This Old House crew is ready to answer. Ask This Old House solves the steady stream of home improvement problems faced by viewers - and the crew even makes house calls! Read More