Back Roads (2015)


Genre: Documentary , Adventure , History

About: The series Back Roads were first aired in 2015 and are part of the documentary, adventure and history genres. Links are up for the available episodes and new ones will be added once they are available online.

Plot: Back Roads transports audiences to some of the nation's most remote and inspiring communities, highlighting rural Australia's trademark grit, generosity and humour. Each week, award-winning ABC journalist Heather Ewart (who grew up on a sheep and wheat farm in Victoria), speaks to the down-to-earth and uniquely uplifting characters who live in these far-flung communities, showcasing how their imagination, faith and love for the land they call home has helped them to thrive. A witty and warm companion, Heather is skilled at allowing the rural stars - the people she meets and places she visits - to shine. Defined by their strength and humility, the characters of Back Roads are as awe-inspiring as the wild landscape that surrounds them. Featuring stunning images of the red earth of Winton, the Indigenous community of Hermannsburg, the underground dwellings of White Cliffs, the winding waters of Clarence River and a whole lot more, the series takes viewers on a journey to some of the most scenic locations across the outback. With high production values and exceptional cinematography, Back Roads is a warm and engaging travelogue of rural Australia. Read More