Limbo... Until It's Over (2022)


Genre: Drama

About: The series Limbo... Until It's Over were first aired in 2022 and are part of the drama genre. Links are up for the available episodes and new ones will be added once they are available online.

Plot: Sofia is a young millionaire who seems to have it all: a glamorous life, a family that indulges her every whim, and great friends who are her accomplices in a daring lifestyle that only a few privileged people can experience. When her father passes away, she must return to Buenos Aires, her birth home, and face a rich legacy that includes her family business, rivalry with her two brothers and one arching her father's well-kept secrets. Moved by her desire to show she can be more than just a high-maintenance princess, Sofia begins a wild ride full of stumbles, but also revelations. The faults that have always been her negative trademark will become powerful weapons she will use to her favor while her goals grow in parallel to her self-confidence. Sofia will succeed, and she will transform her surroundings and her destiny through unorthodox strategies. Read More