The Accidental Influencer (2024)


Genre: Comedy , Drama

About: The series The Accidental Influencer were first aired in 2024 and are part of the comedy and drama genres. Links are up for the available episodes and new ones will be added once they are available online.

Plot: Red is a normal girl with a normal job, living a normal life in Taipei. She works hard. She saves up. She couldn’t care less if her colleagues call her “Miss Devil of the Accounting Room” as long as she continues to have the life she wants. On her birthday, she invites her boyfriend, Chih-ming, and her hotpot buddies to a celebration at her new home. Chih-ming breaks up with her and throws himself at her new boss, the wild JC. Red can’t keep her cool. She quits her job and signs up a new Instagram account to rant about her shameless ex. Her life takes a dramatic turn when her posts go viral… Read More