Episode guide:
E30: Summer Special: Return to Paradise
E29: Summer Special: Rebirth of Detroit
E28: Summer Special: Generation Next
E27: Summer Special: Scandinavian Modern
E26: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Our 3 Decker
E25: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Almost Home
E24: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Roof University
E23: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Finish Work Begins
E22: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Three of Everything
E21: The Dorchester Triple Decker: A Project for Every Floor
E20: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Urban Oasis
E19: The Dorchester Triple Decker: House Fire Reclamation
E18: The Dorchester Triple Decker: 3 Decker Heaven
E17: The Dorchester Triple Decker: Return to Dorchester
E16: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: A Queen Anne Revival
E15: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Tommy's in the Kitchen
E14: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Cold Weather Landscape
E13: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Narragansett Windows
E12: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Pizza Time
E11: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Design Elements
E10: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Outside Details
E09: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Upgrading Old School
E08: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Back to Narragansett
E07: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Chimney Straightener
E06: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: New Light In Old Windows
E05: The Seaside Victorian Cottage: Project Interrupted
E04: Behind the Build: Anatomy of a Kitchen
E03: Behind the Build: Memorable Makers
E02: Behind the Build: Factory Made
E01: Behind the Build: Designing Kitchens
E26: Finishing the Project, Bermuda-Style - The Bermuda House
E25: Beautiful Finishes Create Beautiful Spaces - The Bermuda House
E24: Challenges and Rewards of Island Building - The Bermuda House
E23: Making Way for the Custom Built Mantel - The Bermuda House
E22: Collecting Water - The Bermuda House
E21: Appreciating a Whole Different Type of Construction - The Bermuda House
E20: Restoring the Inn with Native Limestone - The Bermuda House
E19: Sailing the Atlantic for the Next Project in Bermuda - The Bermuda House
E18: Once a Barn, Now a Beautiful Home - The Concord Cottage
E17: One Installation After Another - The Concord Cottage
E16: Making and Installing Engineered Flooring - The Concord Cottage
E15: Everyone’s Here to Get the Job Done - The Concord Cottage
E14: Custom Details Give the Cottage Personal Touches - The Concord Cottage
E13: Lots of Activity Outside - The Concord Cottage
E12: Access to and Visions of a Beautiful Yard - The Concord Cottage
E11: Creating a Safe and Beautiful Home for Elders - The Concord Cottage
E10: Cottage Living with the Future in Mind - The Concord Cottage
E09: Charming Touches for the Cottage - The Concord Cottage
E08: Residential Window Manufacturing - The Concord Cottage
E07: The Beauty and Challenges of Creating Small Living Spaces - The Concord Cottage
E06: Adding to the Project - The Concord Cottage
E05: Electrifying the Little Cottage - The Concord Cottage
E04: It's Starting to Look Like a Cottage - The Concord Cottage
E03: Nothing is as Easy as it Looks - The Concord Cottage
E02: Roadblocks to Turning a Former Chicken Coop into a Cottage - The Concord Cottage
E01: Turning a Garden Shed into a Home - The Concord Cottage

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This Old House (1979)


Genre: Documentary , Reality-tv

About: The series This Old House were first aired in 1979 and are part of the documentary and reality-tv genres. Links are up for the available episodes and new ones will be added once they are available online.

Plot: This Old House celebrates the fusion on old world craftsmanship and modern technology. Each season features two renovation projects. Project One traditionally consists of eighteen or more so episodes and is filmed in Massachusetts. Project Two is taped in a different region of the country to highlight the variety of American architectural styles and renovation issues. Read More